About Acute School

Greetings and a warm welcome to AcuteSchool.com! I'm John Mwaniki – a web developer, tech enthusiast, and the founder of this website.

Over the past decade, I have had the opportunity to build many websites – some for clients, and others as personal ventures.

While doing so, I've explored an array of strategies to grow these websites, from cultivating their digital footprints and generating traffic to monetizing and fostering conversions.

This has resulted in both triumphs and trials, from which I have acquired invaluable insights into what really works and what doesn't.

As of today, I own three other popular blog websites (and here is the fourth) with each receiving tens of thousands of visits every month and that I've monetized through display Ads and affiliate marketing.

On this website, I share what I have learned along the way in my website design and development, blogging, and digital marketing journey.

If you are looking forward to starting and/or growing a website, blogging, and making a living working online and from your website, then you find the content on this website useful and helpful.